In 1992, a group of Dallas-area Aggies formed a local area Aggie Network promoting "Aggies doing business with Aggies" in the Dallas Area. This group is now known as the Aggie Roundtable.

For years now, the Aggie Roundtable has had a loyal following. Attendance at each meeting includes a good mix of Aggies who are employed and Aggies "in transition". The Roundtable group uses referral networking to assist each other in expanding business opportunities and to help find jobs for those in transition.

Check the DAMC Calendar or for details on the date, time schedule, and current location of Aggie Roundtable meetings.

The Aggies in Transition Resume Listing is updated regularly and contains employment information and e-mail addresses of Aggies in the area who are looking for employment. To add your resume, you can either upload it yourself or e-mail the Dallas A&M Club with your resume and objectives, and we'll be happy to get it posted.

The Job Posting Bulletin Board lists positions available throughout the Dallas area, including job description, qualifications and how to apply with companies who wish to hire Aggies. If you are interested in listing an open position with your company, please email the Dallas A&M Club.